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Praise for Andy Baker.Praise and Testimonials

"Andy is a brilliant session guitarist"
David Grant - Singer and vocal coach on Fame Academy
"Great session guitarist!...a fantastic solid player"
Clive Martin - Producer of Reef
"A soulful and very skillful session guitarist, he's one of the best!"
Billy Sylvain - A&R Music For Nations
"An awesome player!"
Matt Redman - Gospel Artist
"Andy is a beautiful player!"
Terl Bryant - Session drummer John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin
"Extremely competent and a very talented !"
Mike Sturgis - Session drummer
"Great guitarist !"
Zoë Ball - TV & Radio Presenter
"A really great player !"
Mash  - Record Producer
"Incredibly versatile and a very creative session guitar player!"
Neville Henry - Blow monkeys & Producer for All Saints
"One of the best rhythm players I have ever heard ! and that is saying something, because I have played with them all !"
Steve Washington - Session drummer for Kylie, Take That, Texas
"Andy's guitar playing is soulful, spontaneous and innovative. I have had private tuition from Joe Satriani and Dweezil Zappa and have to say that he is on a par with these players, if not better !"
Billie Sylvain A&R Music for Nations
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